Kurt- Ar is a voluntary association established in 2014 by Turkish nationalists, has no affliation to any other organisation.


Kurt- Ar aims to deliver, to the greatest extent possible, humanitarian aid to cognates in Turkey and living abroad, entirely carries out work with support from donators. All the cash and in-kind donations entrusted to Kurt-Ar have been handed in person to people in need by means of volunteers and not any other intermediaries have been used up to now,


The following items are indispensable principles of Kurt-Ar volunteers in all the charity activities:


  • Kurt-Ar delivers aid for the sake of God and welfare of Turkish nation with priority, and never engages in any activity may harm the Republic of Turkey


  • Nobody is at the forefront in Kurt-Ar activities as Kurt- Ar is aware of its intermediation mission. If a name is required during any activity, it must be the name of the donator or solely “Kurt-Ar”.


  • Kurt-Ar avoids race and national origin discrimination. However, it gives priority to the cognates in need. If people in any other nations need help, Kurt- Ar never avoids delivering aid to them. Kurt-Ar never discriminates against people based on ethnicity and nationality.